On Saturday, in the headliner of UFC 287 in Miami, previous middleweight champion Israel Adesanya gave it another conflict with Alex Pereira.

At first fight, Pereira’s strategy worked, which makes it trickier to point out necessary adjustment. Even so, two come to mind. First and foremost, Pereira has to be wary about willingly grappling/hanging out in the clinch for too long.

For a moment in the second round, it looked like Alex Pereira had Israel Adesanya exactly where he wanted him.

.Pereira also was 2-0 against Adesanya in kickboxing, winning the second of the two bouts by third-round KO.

At some moments, Pereira probably hurts Adesanya again. When that happens, I’d like to see Adesanya use the rest of his MMA skill.

Alex Pereria - 7-1-0,  Adesanaya - 23 - 2 -0

Furthermore, Israel Adesanya at last procured a success against his greatest foe.

Israel Adesanya knocks out Alex Pereira.