Russia Ukraine War: US abandon China’s proposal on Ukraine as not 'fair'

Putin blamed Western powers for battling "to the last Ukrainian," while Xi emphasized China's "unbiased position" on Ukraine and called for exchange.

What is China’s 12-Point Proposal to stop Russia – Ukraine War?

1.     Respecting the Sovereignty of all Countries 2.     Abandoning the Cold War Mentality 3.     Ceasing Hostilities 4.     Resuming Peace Talks

5.     Resolving the Humanitarian Crisis 6.     Protecting Civilians and Prisoners of War 7.     Keeping Nuclear Power Plants Safe 8.     Reducing Strategic Risks

9.     Facilitating Grain Exports 10.   Stopping Unilateral Sanctions 11.   Keeping Industrial and Supply Chains Stable 12.   Promoting Post-Conflict Reconstruction

The US said Tuesday it doesn't see China as equipped for being a fair-minded arbiter among Moscow and Kyiv over the conflict in Ukraine.

Kirby added that he doesn't know about China having given military help to Russia. The US has said China is thinking about this large step, however, China denies it.