On May 14, 2023 there are president election in Turkey between Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (who is president for last two decades) and leaderl Kamal Kalchdarlu.

In Turkey, for become the President you need minimum 50% or above vote. In Counting  Erdoğan has 49.24% and Kılıçdaroğlu on 45.06%.

But as the result of counting no one get qualified votes percentage. So, there are a runoff on 28th may 2023 in two weeks between both main leaders.

Kamal Kalchdarlu is the head of the Republican People's Party, which is right now the main opposition party of Turkiye.

Who is Kamal Kalchdarlu?

He was born on 17 December 1948 in the Ballica village of Nazimiye district in Easern Turkiye.

Kamal studied Economics at the Ankara Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences from which he graduated in 1971.

Kamal Kalchdarlu retired from civil service in 1999 and tried to enter politics from within Bulent Ecevit’s Democratic Left Party.

In 2002 general election, he entered the parliament as a deputy from Istanbul. In the 2007 general election, he was re-elected to parliament.

Kamal Kalchdarlu took office as the Leader of the Opposition on 22 May 2010 by virtue of leading the second largest political party in the Grand National Assembly.

The 2011 general election was the first general election in which Kamal Kalchdarlu participated as the leader of Republican People's Party.

In 2023 President election, Kamal Kalchdarlu got the 45% vote against Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (The Current President of Turkiye).

He is a moderate, evolutionist and modern leader