It is time to spotlight Stephen Curry’s best sneakers of the year. Next are Curry's top basketball shoes worn throughout the 2022-23 NBA season.

Stephen's tenth signature sneaker was a victory lap a decade in the making. As part of the celebration, Under Armor and Curry Brand reprised several fan-favorite color ways, including the 'More Magic'.

Curry 10 'More Magic'

The blue and pink shoes celebrate the influence and impact of moms everywhere. Luckily for fans, the 'Mother's Day' color way just released.

Curry 1 Low 'Mother's Day'

The black, purple, and teal color way celebrated the most wonderful time of the year. The Curry 10 Flow 'Northern Lights' launched in December 2022.

Curry 10 'Northern Lights

Curry leaned into the criticism, calling the shoes "straight fire," and created a custom pair with flame emojis.

Curry 2 Low 'Chef Curry'

The color way celebrated sustainability with a special bracelet and intentional details implemented throughout the shoe. The Curry Flow 10 'Treasure Island' was released in December 2022.

Curry 10 'Treasure Island'

The pink and yellow color way was a call-back to previous player-exclusive shoes that honored Riley and Ryan. The 'Unicorns and Butterfly's color way was released in April 2023.

Curry 10 'Unicorns & Butterfly’

Under Armour and Curry Brand had some fun with the moment by releasing the 'Double Bang' color way on the Curry Flow 10.

Curry 10 'Double Bang'

The 'Splash Party' color way appeared on the Curry Flow 10 and the Curry 2 Retro. The brightly-colored shoes celebrated Curry's 35th birthday in March.

Curry 10 'Splash Party'

Stephen Curry made headlines last August when he debuted his tenth signature sneaker in the 'Iron Sharpens Iron' color way. Two months later, the shoes officially launched in the symbolic color way.

Curry 10 'Iron Sharpens Iron'

The 'Sour Patch Kids' color way was already highly anticipated. The Curry Flow 10 'Sour Patch Kids' was a work of art and easily our favorite color way to appear on the model.

Curry 10 'Sour Patch Kids’

Stephen curry's Shoe Size is 13.5.

Stephen Curry's Shoe Size