Owen: The lovable and overweight contestant with a big heart, known for his endless appetite and comedic personality.

Lindsay: A sweet and ditzy blonde, often underestimated by others, but has a surprising amount of luck in challenges.

Heather: The show's main antagonist, manipulative and conniving, willing to do whatever it takes to win the competition.

Gwen: A goth girl with a sarcastic sense of humor, known for her intelligence and strong-willed nature.

Duncan: A tough and rebellious contestant with a mohawk, known for his rule-breaking antics and bad-boy attitude.

Courtney: A bossy and highly competitive contestant, known for her strategic thinking and determination to win.

Chris McLean: The eccentric and sadistic host of the show, known for his outrageous challenges and sarcastic remarks.

Bridgette: A laid-back surfer girl, kind-hearted and athletic, often seen as the voice of reason among the contestants.

Geoff: A fun-loving and outgoing party animal, always ready to bring the energy and have a good time.

 Izzy: A hyperactive and unpredictable character, known for her wild behavior and knack for getting into bizarre situations.