The musician Andy Rourke, (1964-2023).

Andy Rourke

Andy Rourke, who is fluid bass playing assisted The Smiths with taking off from their underlying foundations in Manchester, Britain, to turn into a persuasive and darling non-mainstream musical gang, has died at age 59.

Andrew or Andy Rourke was an English musician, best known as the bassist of the rock band the Smiths.

Rourke left school when he was 15 and went through a progression of humble positions, playing guitar and bass in different musical crews, as well as in the brief funk band Oddity Party, with Marr.

Marr later collaborated with Morrissey to shape the Smiths. Rourke joined the band after its most memorable gig and stayed through a large portion of its presence.

Rourke, his then-director Nova Rehman, his creation organization, Incredible Northern Creations, and others coordinated Manchester v Disease, a progression of shows to help malignant growth research, later referred to just as Versus Malignant growth. The drive was provoked when Rehman’s dad and sister were determined to have the sickness. The primary Manchester v Malignant growth show occurred in January 2006. It highlighted a get-together between Rourke and his previous Smiths bandmate Johnny Marr, who performed one tune together.

Johnny Marr, Smith’s guitarist said, “He had been ill with pancreatic cancer”, Smith’s guitarist as he announced the news.

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