Tayyip Erdogan is in the lead in Turkey’s second round of voting on 28 May.

kamal and erdogon

President Tayyip Erdogan surpassed expectations in the election on  May 14, 2023, as he tried to prolong his two-decade rule. He held a significant lead over his opposition but fell short of an absolute majority. Turkey was set for a runoff presidential poll on 28th May 2023.

Erdogan, the country’s incumbent president, and Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of the opposition running for president, failed to reach the required 50% of the vote on May 14, 2023.

The two weeks leading up to the runoff will be fiercely contested, but President Erdogan already holds the upper hand after receiving 49.5% of the vote in the first round on Sunday.

Prior to the May 28 runoff, Mr. Erdogan seemed to be in the lead. According to observers, Mr. Erdogan’s prospects of winning the election are increased by the right-wing followers of the third contender, Sinan Ogan, who are more likely to back him in the runoff.

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