Little Amal has “walked” 5,000 miles across Europe, now in the USA.

Little Amal has “walked” 5,000 miles across Europe, now in USA.

This fall, Little Amal, a 12-foot-tall puppet of a Syrian refugee, will travel across America, stopping at significant locations in the country’s history to promote awareness of immigration and migration. The 10-year-old girl’s puppet will travel from Boston to the US-Mexico border along a route that begins on September 7 and concludes on November 5 and includes stops at the US Capitol, Boston Common, Joshua Tree National Park, and the Edmund Pettus Bridge, among other locations.

Little Amal has “walked” 5,000 miles across Europe, now in USA.

Amal is frequently welcomed in localities throughout the world at various artistically led activities that are genuine and significant to the locals. She will participate in more than 100 events with more than 1,500 artists in 35 American towns and cities.

Who is Little Amal?

Little Amal is a nine-year-old Syrian refugee girl who, as part of the Walk initiative, walks across Europe by herself in search of her mother.

Little Amal, a 3.5-meter partially animatronics giant puppet, served as the focal point of the 2021 performance art production The Walk. The Walk Productions and Good Chance, two British production firms, worked with the South African Handspring Puppet Company to develop the project. The puppet traveled for five months from the Syria-Turkey border through Europe to the United Kingdom, participating in local events in 65 towns and cities along the route. The journey was meant to celebrate human migration and cultural variety. Local officials, including Pope Francis, Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, and Cllr. Caroline Makinson, the Mayor of Barnsley, welcomed Little Amal at certain events.

Little Amal, a pawn of a helpless, innocent child who has survived a grueling struggle alone, begs for sympathy. Zuabi explains, “She’s just a symbol for millions of kids.

“Amal is walking across the United States to gain a firsthand understanding of a nation that has long served as a haven for people looking for safety and opportunity – but is also grappling with how to handle long-standing immigration issues.”

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