Hillsong’s disintegration started with Lentz’s public firing.

Hillsong's disintegration started with Lentz's public firing.

Hillsong has experienced international development in part because of its energetic concert-like services. It has benefited from high-profile connections; Justin Bieber was formerly a participant. Hillsong has 3 million Instagram followers, and their $76 million in annual revenue was primarily derived from donations. But is the charm waning after decades of enduring appeal?

When Pastor Brian Houston and his wife Bobbie opened a branch of the church led by Houston’s father, Frank Houston, in Sydney’s Hills District, they effectively formed Hillsong. Since then, the church has grown to include 30 nations, and it now boasts 150,000 weekly worshipers.

As a result of his choice to withhold information from the authorities regarding claims that his father had sexually molested a kid in the 1990s, Brian Houston is currently charged. After charges of mistreating women surfaced, Houston resigned as Hillsong’s head last year.

More recently, independent MP Andrew Wilkie accused the church of breaching financial regulations. This accusation was made under parliamentary privilege. These accusations have been refuted by Hillsong.

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