Erdogan led in a runoff election with 54.5%, while 54.6% of ballot boxes were counted.

The leader of the opposition and a candidate for President Kilicdaroglu’s party has urged voters to cast their ballots with confidence and promised to keep the public informed at every turn.

Erdogan is said to have considerable support, according to the ruling AK Party.

According to the chairman of Turkey’s supreme election board, President Erdogan is in the lead with 54.5 percent of the vote after 54.6% of the ballot boxes have been tallied.

Burton Story Board

159w Snowboard

159w Snowboard 159w Snowboard, If you’ve explored snowboard options, you may have encountered sizes followed by a “W” (e.g., 157W). This signifies a wider version

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1440 sowboardin

1440 Snowboarding

1440 Snowboarding 1440 snowboarding refers to executing a jump with four complete rotations. For instance, the Backside Triple Cork 1440 adds excitement to your Sundays.

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Goofy Snowboarding

Goofy Snowboarding

Goofy Snowboarding Goofy Snowboarding, Snowboarding with a goofy stance involves riding with the right foot forward, contrary to a regular stance where the left foot

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