Burton Story Board

159w Snowboard

159w Snowboard 159w Snowboard, If you’ve explored snowboard options, you may have encountered sizes followed by a “W” (e.g., 157W). This signifies a wider version of the standard model, with an expanded waist width. The inclusion of “W” caters to riders with a larger boot size, providing enhanced stability and preventing toe drag during turns. …

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1440 sowboardin

1440 Snowboarding

1440 Snowboarding 1440 snowboarding refers to executing a jump with four complete rotations. For instance, the Backside Triple Cork 1440 adds excitement to your Sundays. Additionally, a 180° spin involves rotating the board halfway during a jump, leading to a landing with the opposite front foot from the starting position. CAB 1440 Snowboarding CAB Snowboarding, …

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Goofy Snowboarding

Goofy Snowboarding

Goofy Snowboarding Goofy Snowboarding, Snowboarding with a goofy stance involves riding with the right foot forward, contrary to a regular stance where the left foot leads. For example, three-time men’s snowboard slopestyle bronze medalist Mark McMorris prefers a regular stance, with his left foot forward, whereas 2022 gold medalist Max Parrot rides goofy, leading with …

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Level 4 snowboarding

Level 4 Snowboarding

Level 4 Snowboarding Level 4 Snowboarding signifies a high level of expertise. At this stage, you’re adept at navigating the entire mountain confidently, regardless of snow conditions or terrain variations. You possess the skills to handle diverse landscapes and challenges with proficiency. Level 4 Snowboarding Whether it’s cruising down groomed runs, tackling steep slopes, or …

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