Australia Logie Award 2023.

The Logie Awards 2023.

The 2023 Logies will be hosted by an Australian comedian, the event’s first host in 11 years.

With Channel 7 declaring TV’s night of nights will have a host for the first time in 11 years, the 2023 Logie Awards will receive the Oscars treatment.

The televised awards show, which will take place at The Star in Sydney on July 30, will be hosted by Australian comedian Sam Pang.

Sam Pang, Logie Awards 2023.
Sam Pang, Logie Awards 2023.

The presenters for The Logies, which were hosted on the Gold Coast last year and broadcast on Nine, have changed frequently over the past ten years. Before that, hosts like the late Bert Newton and Graham Kennedy had presided over the show.

Three ABC personalities are nominated for the top prize for the first time in Logies Award.

The 63rd TV Week Logies candidates have been revealed, and three ABC personalities will compete for the coveted Gold Logie for the first time ever.

One of the most nominations ever awarded to the public broadcaster, ABC, has gotten 45 this year.

Leigh Sales from Australian Story, Shaun Micallef from Mad as Hell, and Mark Coles Smith from Mystery Road: Origin is the contenders for the title of the most popular presenter in Australia.

Logie Awards 2023.
Logie Awards 2023.

But they’ll have tough competition from Hamish Blake, the LEGO Masters host and a two-time top prize winner at the Logies, who also happens to be a fan favorite.

The enormous number of nominees for this year’s Logie Awards, according to ABC Chief Content Officer Chris Oliver-Taylor, showed the depth and range of talent present at the network.

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